Valderoure loop - a flatter ride...

There is still vertical gain on this ride, just less of it, and it's all long and gradual ascent through amazing scenery.

Turn left from LMDL heading up the D79 towards Andon.  Pass through Andon and stay on the D79 heading for Caille (or take the cycle path around the large plain).  Passing Caille, head for Seranon and end up on the Route Napolean - D6085.  Turn right and keep on this road for a few kms til you hit the turn off for the D2211towards Valderoure, ending up on the D2.

Stay on the D2 til you get to Greolieres.  This will take you down the famous and utterly stunning "James Bond" road.  Once you get to Greolieres - you've earned a beverage in the Relais, or come on home (4kms) along the route d'Andon to have a refreshing shower and chill on the terrace.

As with all routes, there are several side tracks to up the vertical gain stakes.  For example, from Andon, turn left and pass via La Moulieres to add vertical to the same loop.  La Moulieres is a pretty ski chalet community and you will pass the bike park here.

Recomended by La Maison du Loup

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