Firstly, Ride and Rest would like to state that your privacy is extremely important, you have placed your trust in us and we value that trust. This means we are committed to protecting and securing any personal data you give us. We will always act with our Supplier and Riders interest at heart and we wish to be transparent, honest and open about the processing and storage of your personal data.

This document describes how we use and process your personal data, and also tells you how to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.

Our Privacy Statement

  • The following privacy statement applies to any kind of information we collect through our ‘Platform/s’, ‘Website’, ‘App’ or associated Social Media pages that are linked with our Platforms.
  • Occasionally we might amend our Privacy Policy, so please revisit this page from time to time.
  • If you disagree with this Privacy Policy or anything contained within, you should discontinue using our website.

The personal data we at Ride and Rest collect is – In order for you a Supplier or you the Rider to Subscribe to our website we need some basic information. This consists of your name, accommodation name (Suppliers only), preferred contact details, email, address and phone number. Additionally, we will also collect information from your computer, phone, tablet or other device you are using to access our services. This includes the IP address, the browser you use, and your language settings. We ask you for personal details for good reason, it helps you manage your Supplier account with us and in the case of our Riders it helps you with your own subscription and bookings. We might also use your personal data to contact you and to inform you of any deals or promotions that we feel would benefit you.

Ride and Rest does not take any part in the process of communications that you the Rider and your booked Provider and vice-versa send to each other. However, we can help you the Supplier and you the Rider exchange information with each other, this can include feedback, disputes, complaints and concerns. We do not however have any visibility on Supplier to Rider or Rider to Supplier communications and therefore we ask you contact us at if you should wish our involvement. More about this subject is written in our T&C’s.

How do we at Ride and Rest make use of social media - The use of social media integrations via our website in various ways, will again involve us collecting some of your personal data and/or the social media provider receiving some of your information.

Security procedures for your personal data that we at Ride and Rest utilise are - appropriate and adequate to prevent unauthorized access to, and the misuse of, personal data that we hold and process.  We at Ride and Rest have sole responsibility for the storing and protection of your personal data and we promise to keep this data as safe as possible. If you have any concerns about the data we hold then you can always request a copy of your personal data held by us by contacting us.

Please see our Terms & Conditions, which highlight and explain in more detail about some of the subjects covered above. For any questions, concerns or if you seek more detail then please contact us at your earliest convenience.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.