Loop du Loup

Starting at La Maison du Loup, turn left and travel up the gradual climb of the D79 for 9kms to the junction.  Here,  take the D5 and continue ascending until you reach the turn off for Caussols on the D112.  Caussols has a brasserie where you can find a refreshing beverage, snack or lunch should you wish.

Continue along the plain past Caussols to begin your descent to Gourdon.  This road will reveal the Mediterranean and stunning views.  Gourdon is listed as one of the most picturesque cliff hanging villages in France.

From here, you can choose to descend to Bramafan - a shorter ride, or descend via Pre-du-Lac (D3 to join D2210) which will give you a longer climb to get back to Greolieres and home.

Altitude difference from lowest point Pont du Loup at 200m to highest point Caussols at 1100m.  La Maison du Loup sits at 850m.  So depending on which way you choose to go will determine the total climb.

Of course, you can do this ride in reverse to have a descent back home - though the ascent in the middle is more substantial.

Recomended by La Maison du Loup

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Gréolières, France
Gréolières, France

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