Menina Planina

To warm up we cycle through Vransko and on asphalt road ascend over the Lipa pass. Just before the end of the descent towards Šmartno ob Dreti, near larger farm we turn left onto a macadam road that winds along the slope of Menina planina plateau. After a few kilometers we follow the road that leads from Bočna to Menina planina plateau. Scenic gravel road leads us across long plateau of Menina planina all the way to Biba planina. When the road makes a long sharp turn to the right, we turn left onto a steep cart track between pastures. After 3 km of downhill we join the road towards Slopa saddle. Afterwards we follow the path to Jeseničnik where a beautiful view of the valley opens up. After a short ascent we arrive at Lipa pass. We finish our route with a descent towards Vransko and all the way to Hotel Grof.

Itinerary: Vransko - Lipa - Rovt pod Menino - Menina planina - Biba planina - Lipa - Vransko
Length: 54 km
Elevation gain: 1800 m
Time: 5 h
Terrain: Hills
Surface type: 20 km asphalt, 31 km gravel road, 3 km cart track
Suitable for mountain bikers
Difficulty level: Expert
Maximum incline: 15 %

Recomended by Hotel Grof

Route Details