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Cadwell thundersport

Not the best weekend I’ve ever had at cadwell.. on Saturday morning before qualifying the generator chucked out 12 litres of fuel causing my tyre warmers to turn off. We only managed to have them on for 15 mins and it simply wasn’t enough time. For race one I was 27th on the grid and my position through the race didn’t move too much either. I really struggled through the day but I managed to get on with it a little more in the second race. 
On Sunday morning we decided to miss warm up as it was soaking wet. In race one I had no confidence in the bikes stability and there was a small mechanical issue with gear changes, so we cleared our heads of the rest of the weekend and focussed on the last race of the day. I was 24th on the grid and it was bone dry. Off the start line I did a 1:55 lap and then through the race I was doing 1:52 laps which is back onto my PB time. After such a shocking weekend I managed to pull it back and have a good last race of the season. Thank you Ryan Garside and Dominic Herbertson for sorting out my head and setting me straight again.

through the half term I will be taking part in a few things which are quite exciting. All leading upto my long awaited 16th birthday on the 3rd of November! 

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Cadwell Park Circuit, Cawkwell, Louth, UK

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