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And we are back! Just like that I'm rolling up and down the hills of Cadwell park. This weekend I was racing in 2 classes so pleanty of track time indeed... not necessary dry track time unfortunately, but what can ya do? Friday was extremely wet. Not a dry session in sight! I used Friday to get used to wet weather riding and getting used to the track again after a month break from the track. Saturday was very much the same unfortunately. We had damp, dry... ish weather but after that it tipped it down. And to add to the drama I could not see a bloody thing!! My visor misted up and brought my confidence right down. I came in and I could barely talk it was that cold!! I spent the night in the back of Callum's transit... again.. on the xbox and watching a movie with Callum and Lauren. PART 2 COMING SOON...

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