Dereham to Gorlestone on sea

Sometimes you just love a good long cruise to the beach on the dual carriageway without the usual high input curvaceous and uneven route to north Norfolk. Having a cruiser parked in my garden, ample Flexi time burning through my time sheet I swung my leg over and headed east.

There's honestly not a lot of input needed until you hit the Acle straight. There are some important things you should know if you are ever heading this way you often only learn the hard way.

1) It's not straight.

2) It's not actually flat either, the vast quantities of hidden dips and poor quality tarmac means this really is somewhere people often suffer RTA's.

3) The dykes on either side are several metres deep, if you go off the road, it's really going to cruise a problem.

Luckily....this ain't my first rodeo.

Still, all that considered I sat at a leisurely pace while picking out the windmills, both new and old, in the haze. I wasn't hurrying and the wind was only light and without the strength that would normally cause any concern. 

Turning off part way down before I got to Great Yarmouth I followed the sat nav until I got to the hotel on the sea front. The car park was rather full so sadly I had to squeeze in unceremoniously. I didn't stop me having a quick stroll to the nearly cliff top before sinking a cold one in the bar (soft one naturally). 

The return journey was even less eventful, all in all a really chilled out trip. Just what I wanted that day frankly.

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Gorleston-on-Sea, Great Yarmouth, UK

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