Here are some great ideas to help plan your trip

Tour ideas for motorcyclists

Where to go? How to go? How to get there? Who to go with? What to expect? The Team at Ride and Rest have undertaken tours all around Europe and have colleagues and friends who have done the same. From small local 1-2 day adventures to long distance (get yourself lost) trips. We also support some young talent who are endeavouring to make their way within their chosen discipline of motorcycle racing. Let us introduce them...



An Ex-Bootneck and an important team member of Ride and Rest.  An experienced, fervent motorcycle rider and somewhat less experienced cyclist. Always planning the next trip in his head!

1 x Banana! 


 Lissy Whitmore #34

The one! the only! #purple princess! Fifteen and racing a Yamaha YZF-R3 in the NG Road Racing Club. Also to be found ragging a Bucci pit-bike around for practice but just as importantly for shits and giggles!

1 x Cool Chica! 




Loves the Sea, adores the Himalayas (having trekked them) and is very excitable about Motorcycles! Follow her journey from complete novice rider to testing for her full licence here. 

1 x Cool Chica!

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